MEMLET is a Graphical User Interface designed to fit single molecule and other biophysical data using Maximum Likelihood Estimation

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MEMLET has been updated to version 1.3 (April 3, 2018)!

Now includes PDFs for performing weighted fitting

As of v1.1 includes discrete PDFs for use with Camera-based data (Lewis et. al, 2017), a PDF selection guide, and minor bug fixes.

If running v1.1.1 or earlier: update immediately as, v1.1.1 had an important bug

How to download:


Download Everything - Includes latest version (1.3) of script files, standalone versions, Demo Data, Tutorial and Full Help file with PDF selection guide

Download Components:

Matlab script files only (v1.3) (requires Matlab Installation and License)
Standalone Program (v1.3) for 64bit or 32bit Windows (does not require MATLAB, will prompt for free download of MATLAB Runtime during installation)
Download Documentation and Tutorials with Demo Data

For more information about MEMLET, see at the paper published in Woody et al, Biophysical Journal, 2016

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MEMLET is an easy to use, MATLAB-based, Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE) fitting tool. It was designed to provide many of the powerful features of MLE to a wide variety of users. It can run either within the MATLAB environment, or is available as a standalone version which can be run on any computer with a free runtime download. The full features and uses of MEMLET are fully described in its documentation and the accompanying publication, but include:

Changelog and Updates

v1.3.0 - Added several PDFs to be used for weighted fitting (See Weighted Fits section of v1.3 User's Guide). Fixed annealTempCallback bug and increased robustness of specifying global variables. 3 April 2018

v1.2.0 - Increased Unix/Mac compatibility, bugfix in plotting bootstrap and specifying some global varirables. Made it easy to pop-out multiple figure for global fits.

v1.1.3 – Fixed bug preventing bootstrapping on multi-variable data. 5 May 2017

v1.1.2 – Includes bug fixes for the single exponential and double exponential camera PDFs which caused them to either not work or give unexpected answers. 25 Apr 2017

v1.1.0 – Now includes several more PDFs, including PDFs designed to be used with data acquired with Cameras or other techniques that result in binned data. Easier to view the custom PDFs, more compatible with Macs and several other small tweaks. Documentation is updated to include a guide for selecting the proper PDF for your data. - 26 Mar 2017

v1.0.0 – First Official Release. Includes more bug fixes and improvements to custom PDF addition and standalone program - 14 Jun 2016

v0.95.2 – Second Beta release with general bug fixes and improvments - 2 Jun 2016

v0.9.0 – First Beta release - 24 Feb 2016